The "Mini Me" baffles

Shortly after building the speakers in "New Loudspeakers Part 8", I had some time to reflect on my various projects.
For a fact, all of them sounded good, having their own charms ..... but the best sound overall was produced by the "low boy" configurations
(at least in my listening room). The illusion of the instruments and vocals "floating" above the baffles is a wonderful thing.
The speakers absolutely "disappear" and leave nothing but the music in the room ..... and the sound stage is huge in width and depth.

So ..... a slight modification of the baffle shape of the "Part 8" speakers and separating the drivers resulted in the "Mini Me" project.

The combination of Wild Burro Audio Betsy 8" drivers and Heil AMT drivers crossed over with Duelund VSF capacitors
produces a superb sound. It seems bizarre to mate the Betsy drivers at $100.00 a pair with the $700.00 Heil drivers
and insanely expensive Duelund caps, but the proof is in the listening and this is some of the very best sound I have
ever experienced.  The old audio adage proves true ..... "If it sounds good, it IS good".

Hawthorne Audio Augie 15" drivers powered by stereo plate amplifiers provide the low end.

I can say with some certainty that this will be my "reference" system for quite some time to come.

Mini Me Room

Mini Me Closeup
Since this project turned out so well visually and sonically, I decided to make a variation on the Mini Me system.
The full range drivers in the smaller baffles below are Audio Nirvana Classic 10s ..... no crossover, no phase plug, no whizzer cone.
They sound very good mated with the Hawthorne Audio Augie 15s.
Since this variation worked out so well, I plan to create several additional pairs of the smaller
baffles with
different full range drivers or combinations of midrange and high frequency drivers.
Variety is the spice of life and the baffles are so easy to move that I can have several systems with various sonic "personalities".
Mini Me AN10 Room
Mini Me AN10 Combo
Mini Me AN10 Closeup
Another excellent candidate for the Mini Me baffles is the Audio Nirvana Cast Frame 12" driver.
It  has a small whizzer cone and a very nice looking phase plug.
I purchased these drivers several months ago, but got involved in some other projects and they never had time for a proper "burn in".
With a decent amount of hours on them, they are sounding better each day ..... a nice rich tonal balance with good detail and a big sound stage.
With the Hawthorne Audio Augies filling in the lowest frequencies, these are quickly becoming one of my favorite speakers.

Mini Me AN12 Pair
Mini Me AN12 Closeup
Here is a "family portrait" of the Mini Me baffle project up to this point in time .....
Mini Me Family Portrait

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