I  love the shape of these baffles

Back in 2008, I came across a thread on the Hawthorne Audio forum for a pair of baffles built by a gent who goes by the moniker of All Analogue.
He gave credit for the basic shape to a builder by the name of "inrank".
From the second I laid eyes on these baffles, it was clear to me that some day I would take a stab at building something similar.
To me, those baffles defined "elegant simplicity" .....

The original thread can be found here.

For a certainty, my modest effort does not approach the grandeur of the majestic slabs of Jarrah wood used by All Analogue,
but I eventually plan to rebuild the speakers using 2" thick slabs of some exotic timber.

The combination of drivers (15" Hawthorne Augie, Betsy 8" and Heil AMT crossed over with Duelund VSF capacitors)
 work very nicely together and the sound is big and nicely detailed.

Cool Baffles Room

Cool Baffle closeup

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