Low Riders (or the R2D2s)

A few years ago, I had the pleasure of hearing the "Mini Planars" ..... the prototype speakers of the well regarded Hawthorne Audio line of open baffle loudspeakers. Those speakers made a serious impression on me for several reasons.  First, they were of fairly short stature, but threw an amazing image and sound stage that floated above, behind and outside of the baffles.  They also pulled a wonderful "disappearing act" and were not picky as to placement.  They sounded good in just about any room position that they were placed in.  A few days ago, I was thinking about those speakers and decided to try my hand at building some "low slung" open baffles. Here are the results ..... using Wild Burro Audio Betsy 8" full range drivers and Heil Air Motion Transformers crossed over with the very cost effective Audyn Plus capacitors.  In a similar fashion to those "Mini Planars" that I enjoyed so much, these speakers sit low to the ground but throw a full sized sound stage as to height and width. A pair of Hawthorne Audio Augie drivers driven by a pair of inexpensive plate amps provide the low frequency foundation for a very nice sound. 

Low Riders Room

Low Rider Closeup

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