The Poor Man's Open Boxes

After the good results with the Saba green cone open box speakers, I decided to build a pair of open box speakers that just about
everypne could afford while still having an excellent sound.  The obvious full range driver for this project would have to be the
Wild Burro Audio Betsy. At $100.00 a pair, they are true giant killers and can embarrass some very expensive drivers when set up
properly. The Betsy drivers sound very good all by themselves, but I decided to add a very inexpensive tweeter to add a little
bit of "sparkle" at the top end.  Parts Express offered some very decent 4" paper cone drivers for less than $6.00 each, the
Goldwood GT-25.  These tweeters work very well with the Betsy drivers crossed over at 13K with some Solen 1.5 uF capacitors
that cost less than $3.00 each. A sheet of inexpensive 1/2" plywood brought in a pair of very musical speakers for around $150.00.
I fastened some binding posts to the rear using a "paint mixing stick" from the local hardware store ..... no expense was spared ...  ; )
The addition of the Hawthorne Audio 15" Augies make this a full range system.  I use one for each channel in "true stereo", but a
single Augie and plate amp with the channels summed would only add another $275.00 to the project for some very good sound.

Poor Man Room

Poor Man and Augie
Poor Man Closeup
Poor Man Rear

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