The Saba "Green Cone" Open Boxes

In the 1950s and 1960s, a German company named Saba made some very fine drivers for use in console stereos.

Many music lovers today have discovered these wonderful and very musical drivers and have incorporated them
into several different types of enclosures ..... with excellent results. Saba produced a wide range 8" driver using
AlNiCo type magnets and a very thin and fast paper cone. These cones were originally blue in color from what I
understand and over the years have "faded" to a very nice green color, hence the popular name Saba "green cones".
These drivers are very efficient (about 98 dB with one watt at one meter).
There is a matching 4" paper cone tweeter that compares very well with some of the best current production tweeters.

I have built "open back" boxes for these drivers 42" tall, 16" wide and 8" deep.  They are extremely musical, having a
richer tone than a standard open baffle speaker.  Paired with the UA1 pentode amplifier from La Dolce Audio, they are some
serious music making machines, especially with acoustic instruments and well recorded vocals.
Paired with the Hawthorne Audio Augie 15" open baffle bass drivers, these speakers make a fine full range system.

Saba open box room

Saba open box and Augie
Saba open box closeup

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