The "Darth Baffles"

One of the very best values that I have found in "full range" open baffle friendy drivers is the Wild Burro Audio Betsy

At $100.00 a pair and mounted on a flat piece of wood, they will give some very expensive loudspeakers a run
for their money
.  They have a reasonably flat frequency response from 100 hz to around 12K and are still putting out
decent sound a few db down at 20K.  When mated with the Hawthorne Audio Augie  15" driver for bass and the Heil Air
Motion Transformer for the highest frequencies, they will put on quite a show.  The Augie bass drivers are powered by
plate amplifiers (one for each channel) driven from the speaker taps of the main amplifier and the Heil AMT drivers are
 crossed over with a single Duelund VSF capacitor ..... all drivers radiate both to the front and rear for a very open sound.

Darth Baffle Room

Darth Baffle Closeup

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