New Loudspeakers - Part 2

After  living with my first open baffle experiment for a while, I was sufficiently pleased with the results to take the project
to the next level.   While the Aurum Cantus ribbons are very fine high frequency drivers, I wanted the entire system to consist
of drivers that fired to the front and rear (di-pole) as do the Hawthorne Audio Augie
bass drivers and the Visaton B200
main drivers.  The perfect candidate for the high frequency duties is the venerable Heil Air Motion Transformer.
While I was in speaker building mode, it seemed like a good time to double up on the Hawthorne Augie bass
drivers ..... using two on each side.  This made a huge difference in many ways.  The system is now very nicely balanced
and produces a huge sound stage which extends far beyond the front and side walls of the listening room.  Good stuff !!!

OB Heil Room

OB Heil Augie

Dual Augie

Augie closeup

Heil baffle front

Heil baffle side

Heil closeup

HeilTrim top

Heil base

Heil base closeup

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