New Loudspeakers !!!

I decided to experiment with some open baffle speakers

The bass units (Hawthorne Audio 15" Augies) already sounded so good that I wanted to try some open baffles as the main speakers

The baffles are 37" tall, 24" wide at the bottom, tapering to 12" at the top ... stained  in "gunstock" to match the flooring

The main driver is the Visaton B200 ... 96 db efficient covering 40 Hz  to 18 KHz

The ribbon is an Aurum Cantus G2Si crossed over with a single capacitor and used as a super tweeter

The speakers sound very good ..... a lot different than the excellent Parker Audio Trolls, but a nice change of pace

OB ribbon room

OB ribbon Augie

OB ribbon closeup

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