New Amplifier !!!

The Spud

Based on glowing reports from owners of the Spud amplifier I decided to try my hand at building this vacuum tube amplifier kit.

For a certainty, I am no talented "solder slinger", but the excellent instructions provided with the kit made it possible.

For under $500.00, it would be really hard to beat the superb sound of this amplifier in addition to the satisfaction of the build.

It produces 2 or 3 watts per channel and works beautifully with any high efficiency loudspeaker.

The sound is rich and detailed with excellent rendition of vocals and separation of instruments in the sound stage.

Highly recommended !!!

The Spud Kit website

Spud kit 1
Spud kit 2
Soud kit 3
Spud kit 4
Spud kit 5
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