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Music Forever

Music ….. it’s an amazing thing that can deeply affect a person, evoking a range of emotions from deep sadness to euphoria.  The ability of human beings to respond to music is not an accident.  The ability to appreciate and enjoy music is a gift ….. from a wise and loving creator.

Throughout history, the musical compositions of many talented men and women have been preserved in one form or another, but their ability to further share their genius perished with them at death.

Most of us can readily think of a favorite artist who died prematurely and we wish that they would have lived longer to share additional creative gems with us.

Contrary to a belief that is shared by many people, human beings were not designed to live a relatively few years and die.  Scientists who have studied the human body are aware that human cells are regularly replaced and they really aren’t sure why this process eventually slows down and stops ….. resulting in death.  However, the Bible gives a very clear answer as to why this happens ….. and holds out the hope that this process will someday be reversed.   In addition, most of those who have already died will be brought back to life.  John 5:28, 29      Job 14:14, 15

Everlasting life as a human being may sound like a fairy tale to some, but it was God’s original purpose for mankind ..... and that purpose has not changed.  Jesus made reference to this at  Matthew 5:5  many years after the fall of the human race in the garden of Eden.  Many people can quote this scripture, but don't take time to contemplate what it is really saying.

Unfortunately,  most churches do not teach this simple truth and they also teach inaccuracies about many other scriptural subjects as well.

Without a doubt, many of those reading this will say to themselves "when I die I will be going to heaven to live, it will not be on this earth".  Make no mistake, the Bible does hold out a "heavenly hope" for some believers, but they are a relatively small group  Luke 12:32  and it is due to God's selecting them for a special purpose, to rule with Jesus as kings and priests over the earthly subjects of God's kingdom. Revelation 5:9, 10.  The individuals who make up this group know for a certainty that they have been chosen for this special privilege.  Romans 8:16, 17  The apostle Paul was addressing this thought to the "saints" or "holy ones".  Romans 1:7

Many sincere Bible readers have pondered the fact that "everyone wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die".  The logical reason for this is that, despite being taught in church that they will go to heaven when they die, the vast majority of people have not been chosen by God to be part of this group of "saints".  They naturally have the desire to continue living where God originally purposed for the human race to live ..... on a paradise earth.

 If the thought of enjoying music forever is appealing to you and you would like to know what the Bible really teaches on several other topics, please consider some of the following questions :

What was God’s original purpose for creating the earth and what will the future of the earth be ?

What is the soul ?   What is the spirit ?

What happens to us when we die ?

What is God's Kingdom ?

What is hell ?

Is Jesus Almighty God ?

Why does God allow suffering ?

Is the Bible reliable ?

Please examine this information with an open mind, humility and a sincere request to God to provide His wisdom.

Many people are aware that the Christians of the first century A.D. were severely persecuted, and a careful examination of the historical facts reveals why they were hated.

They were different from the people around them and refused to share in many of the beliefs and practices that were common and accepted at the time ….. even among people who professed to serve God.  It is much the same today.  Not everyone appreciates and accepts truth.   Matthew 7:13, 14

It is my hope that having the accurate knowledge of God and His purposes will result in your enjoyment of music (and the many other wonders of His creation) forever.   John 17:3

What Does the Bible Really Teach ?

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